March Women’s History Madness: Thanks for a Month of Inspiring Guest Posts

by Gloria Feldt on April 8th, 2011
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I’ve been delighting as I’ve reviewed the rich and inspiring Women’s History Month guest posts here on 9 Ways and want to invite all 9 Ways readers to read or reread them to get the full spectrum.

A huge “thank you” shout out to each generous contributor–you know who you are, so please take a virtual bow.

Some of the guest posts give new insights about women you’ve heard of, while others tell stories of women neither famous nor infamous, but whose lives touched the writers in profound ways. Enjoy each tasty morsel of women’s history! And as always, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Or just check in to say “thanks” for a story that moved, inspired, or surprised you.

S portswomen—How Alice Marble Led the Way for Althea Gibson
Contributed by Beverly Wettenstein, who often writes and speaks on women in sports as well as women’s representation in the media.

Breaking Barriers—Kentucky’s first female African American Senator Georgia Davis Powers.
Political consultant and publisher of ElectWomen Magazine Kathy Groob’s tribute to the first woman and first African American elected to the Kentucky state senate.

We Need a Million for a Billion
In case you haven’t had a chance to sign The Population Institute’s petition in support of international family planning, you can do it now!

Best of International Women’s Day: Be a Front Porch Lady
Chief Hot Mama Kathy Korman Frey profiles one of her heroes, Esther SilverParker, and urges women to support one another’s aspirations.

Octavia Butler, A Pioneer in Science Fiction
Jezebel’s Anna North shares this engaging story of a MacArthur genius from humble beginnings who followed her passion.

Beyond the Headlines: How to Find Role Models with Expertise
Writer Emily Jasper discusses her realization that the women who are her most cherished role models are leaders because of what they do with their talents.

Lois Rabinowitz: Now You Can Wear Slacks
Executive coach Bonnie Marcus takes a candid look at how attitudes toward women’s attire have often had serious consequences.

Inspiration from Sin City
Emmily Bristol, who blogs at The Sin City Siren and The Tired Feminist highlights The Westside Mothers of Las Vegas and the power of women who organize.

Violence Against Women: Not in MY Backyard—Er, subway car?
Everyone on the subway with author and co-founder of
, Deborah Siegel, will forever think twice before looking away from a violent act.

Would You Expect a Circus Elephant to Work this Hard?
Suzan St. Maur thinks Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, aka Queen Elizabeth of England, is an inspiration to working women everywhere.

Indira Gandhi: World Leader or Witch?
The Daily Femme
writer Sara Messelaar asks important questions about how women leaders–or any historical figures–should be judged.

Ma McDonough Was No Ordinary Woman
Liz O’Donnell a writer who blogs at Hello Ladies pays a touching tribute to her grandmother.

There is no Future in History
Linda Brodsky M.D. challenges us to question whether history is all it’s cracked up to be and to look instead to the future.



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