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She’s Doing It With Money: Tamia Gallego and Women in the Black

Did you know? Today, August 1, is National Girlfriends Day .

Google it. You can find suggestions for sharing tips with your girlfriends about their personal health, 10 Ways to Celebrate — fun things like going to a spa and niceties like writing a personal thank you note — and even girlfriend humor about why it’s better to be a female (“We got off the Titanic first.” “We don’t look like a frog in a blender when we dance.”).

But if you really want to do something of lasting value for your girlfriends, you might want to turn them onto Tamia Gallego’s blog.  It’s called Women In The Black  and it’s a self-described “community where like minded women discuss personal finance, saving, investing and ‎building wealth.‎”

Come to think about it, do it for yourself too!

A banker with a CPA by day and an advocate for women’s financial literacy by night, Tamia lives in Sydney, Australia. Her information and advice are valuable for all of us girlfriends around the globe.  In addition to her website, she offers a free daily newsletter with practical tips on personal finance and encouragement for the women (and she says also some men) who subscribe.

Tamia hopes eventually to secure corporate sponsors for her work, but for now she and her husband are supporting the “passion project” as she calls it.

Tamia’s posts are especially aimed at younger women in order to help them get on the best financial foot for life. She pointed out to me in an e-mail that because women typically earn less than men, we also end up with less in our retirement funds. Ouch—I can vouch for that.

I recommend you return to Women in the Black periodically for useful posts  on personal finance ranging from advice about buying a business to tips for maximizing the money that is available to us but that we sometimes fail to collect.

I asked if I could repost her piece called “Know Your Worth” to share with all my, um, girlfriends, and she graciously agreed.

Here’s the post in full, with a big thanks to Tamia for kind words about No Excuses

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