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She’s Doing It: What’s Your SQ? Cindy Wigglesworth Reveals Its Leadership Power

I’m thrilled to highlight the wonderful Cindy Wigglesworth via her guest post for this week’s “She’s Doing It” column.

Cindy is president of Deep Change, Inc. and the author of the just released must read for any leader, SQ 21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence. Her ideas about this third dimension of leadership will send you deeper into your own thinking about how you can lead most effectively and authentically.

Multiple Intelligences and the Woman Leader

Women tend to score higher than men in emotional and spiritual intelligence. We have a natural tendency to develop skills the world desperately needs. Imagine what capitalism could look like if multiple intelligences were used in decision-making. Imagine if long-term good for future generations and the planet mattered to our corporations as much as or more than short-term gain. Women tend to balance these things more easily than men. So why don’t more women step into leadership roles?

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