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Mother’s Day Round-up

This week’s roundup not surprisingly centers on Mother’s Day. The links are to a small selection of posts I liked because each has a special take on honoring our mothers by living feminist values, proudly and with no excuses:

Viva la Feminista Gift Guide. Viva la Feminista. (Veronica Areola)

Mother’s Day should last all month. The Pink and Blue Diaries. (Deborah Siegel)

A Mother’s Day Gift: A future without violence. Ms. Magazine. (Carol King)

Make your Mom a star: send a customized video. Moms Rising.

“Its Her Choice”–Really? Heartfeldt Blog.(Ann Crittenden)

Have you written a special Mother’s Day post? Feel free to share the link in the comments section.

Have you read a Mother’s Day post that you particularly liked? Please share that too.

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Bella Abzug and Florence Feldt: Contrasts in Women’s History

Since we’re wrapping up Women’s History Month, this tribute to my mother, Florence Feldt, and feminist icon Bella Abzug–two very different women from the same generation who died on this day in 1998–seems a fitting close.

I hope that you’ve been inspired by this month’s posts, and that they help you create the future of your choice!

My mother Florence Feldt died March 31, 1998.

Me, my cutie pie sister Candy, and our mother, Florence

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