She’s Doing It: Ora Shtull, 9 More Ways to Power Up

by Gloria Feldt on September 19th, 2012
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Executive leadership coach Ora Shtull understands the power of using your voice. In her lively guest post and the accompanying video, she tells women that it’s not enough to sit at the table; talk at the table if you want to have an impact on decisions and be recognized for your ideas. When I was writing No Excuses, I came to realize that power unused is power useless, and unless we are sharing our knowledge and ideas, they are not helping anyone, including ourselves. So, here’s how Ora tells it:

What is it about nines? Nine is the number of lives that cats are said to have. The Beatles sang “Revolution 9” on their White Album (in almost nine minutes!). And when you look pretty darn good, you’re “dressed to the nines.”

Gloria Feldt likes nines, too. She’s written a bestselling book called No Excuses: 9 Ways Women can Change How We Think About Power in which she brilliantly enumerates nine important ways women can embrace their power.

It’s no secret that I am a big admirer of Gloria’s work. Her rise from teen mom and high school dropout in rural Texas to CEO, author and acclaimed expert on women and power is nothing short of extraordinary.

Coincidentally and perhaps cosmically, I too have a belief in nine. Working with professionals in New York’s leading companies for nearly two decades as an Executive Coach, I discovered a direct correlation between nine executive behaviors and success – thriving at your job, being promoted, and making smooth and seamless transitions. I studied and identified these critical behaviors and developed a model called the Leadership Presence Coaching Model, which has become a critical tool in helping my clients. I also discovered that women have unique challenges in the workplace and I’ve become dedicated to helping women soar professionally.

My recently released book, The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise, helps you master the 9 must-have skills that will propel you upward. And yes, it has 9 chapters!

One of the things I’ve witnessed as an Executive Coach is that women often shy away from challenges because they lack confidence, while the men take the plunge more fearlessly. If you’re a bean counter and don’t take risks, you’ll always be a bean counter. If you have dreams, forsaking risk will leave you professionally stuck.

But let’s face it – taking risks doesn’t come easily to most people. Eleanor Roosevelt (first lady, author, speaker, politician, and civil rights advocate) once said: “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” You may be surprised to learn that despite all of her accomplishments, Eleanor was far from fearless. In fact, she was proud to admit that she was compelled every day to do something that scared her.

It’s your turn to take the plunge. Start by trying something new and different. I suggest you explore something in your personal life as a parallel growth experiment to your workplace adventure. Then keep your eyes peeled at work for any opportunity to accept a challenging assignment, new project, or role on a special task force.

Companies value professionals who welcome challenges. Leaders hold in high regard professional women who are willing to take on new responsibilities, who are open to testing the waters of the new and different, and who are well rounded.

Offer your time and talent, despite your apprehensions. Remind yourself that mistakes are terrific learning opportunities and line up the resources and support you’ll need to succeed.

When you take risks, you’re stimulated. And when you’re stimulated, you grow professionally.

And that will make you mighty powerful.

Ora Shtull is an Executive Coach who has worked with high-potential leaders at Fortune 100 companies for over 15 years.  Ora’s recently published book, The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise, shares the must-have skills that propel women upward. To learn more about Ora’s work, visit:

Gloria Feldt

Gloria Feldt is the author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power. Buy the book here. Engage Gloria for a Speech or Workshop. Tweet @GloriaFeldt and connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Gloria is the co-founder (with Amy Litzenberger) of Take the Lead, a new initiative to prepare and propel women to leadership parity by 2025. Find them @takeleadwomen and on Facebook.

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