“The best lecturer we’ve had
in my four years on the lecture board.”

~Nick Goldberg, Co-President
Brown University Student Lecture Board

“I was so moved and inspired by Margaret Sanger’s story.” ~filmmaker Therese Shechter

“How moved I was!” ~Eve Ensler, Founder of V-Day

“Gloria tells an inspiring story. Uplifting. Life affirming.” ~Brandeis Women

“Gloria really offered me a fresh perspective on Choice Rights. Her seminar class was amazing, and it made my life richer. :)” ~Lindsay Cashen, student

“Energized. Witty. Charismatic.
~Richard Farson, President, Western Behavorial Sciences Institute

“Her inspiring vision, passion, and commitment energized the audience!”
~Eileen Breslin, Dean of Nursing, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“I admire the way you interact with every person who has a question or comment for you, treating them with warmth and respect. You field questions and engage in dialogue with poise, wisdom, and humor.”
~Nadine Strossen, Professor of Law Columbia University

“Your presentation was intelligent, engaging, and insightful. Your candid approach to storytelling and your wonderful speaking voice had them enthralled.”
~Carole Hyatt, Carole Hyatt Leadership Forum

“This was an outstanding evening and one that we would enjoy repeating.”
~Shelly Heller, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, George Washington University Mount Vernon Campus

“Not only did she offer insightful commentary, but she shared a concise and logical strategy for moving more women into the forefront of leadership.”
~Julia C. Patrick, Publisher, Frontdoors Lifestyle News

“Nobody says it like Gloria Feldt.”
~Anna Clark, Blogger at Isak

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