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In No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think about Power, feminist icon Gloria Feldt asserts that nobody is keeping women from parity—except themselves. Feldt argues that there’s no excuse—be it the way women are socialized, pressure to conform, or work/life balance issues—for women today not to own their power and lead an unlimited life. She acknowledges that women still earn an average of 25% less than men, and fill under 20% of top leadership roles in business and politics, but Feldt believes the key to change is to shift the way women think about power and leadership.

Feldt provides women with 9 “power tools” they can use in achieving power in relationships and at work, and as political and cultural change-makers. Each of the tools are arranged around a specific principle that can help women change the way they think (and, therefore, the way they act). Each tool encourages women to embrace power—whether it’s by defining the terms of their personal and professional interactions, embracing controversy, or employing every media opportunity to get their message across. Timely and hard-hitting, No Excuses is an invaluable resource that will help women equalize gender power in politics, work, and love. Order your copy today.

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