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In Which I Reveal a Painful Salary (non) Negotiation Truth

by Gloria Feldt on June 29th, 2012
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Census Bureau statistics cite that women on average earn about 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. On Tuesday, the Senate GOP blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, introduced by Democrats to the senate floor.

This promising legislation would have bolstered the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, barring employers from retaliating against workers who inquire about pay disparities.

What can we as individual women do retroactively to create a work life for ourselves in which we don’t have to resort to investigating discrimination by our employers?

In this interview, Gloria encourages women to define their own terms: at meetings, “Say the first word, say the last word and establish yourself as an authority.”

Meg McSherry Breslin: For women who feel frustrated and unable to move up in their companies, what are some concrete things they can do?

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Settling the Score: Dorothy Seymour Mills Finally Tells Her Story

by Gloria Feldt on February 1st, 2012
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“Everyone assumed that he had done all that work by himself — that’s what he wanted them to assume, but we were equal partners” –Dorothy Seymour Mills

Photo source: Dorothy Jane Mills

Dorothy Seymour Mills is one of the great baseball historians of all time. But you probably never heard of her.

Instead, she worked alongside her late husband, Harold Seymour. From 1960-1990; he received all the credit and did become famous in his field. Together they completed three of the earliest and most widely read books on baseball history.

First in the Field is Dorothy’s belated claim to her own life’s work. In it, she reveals her approach to baseball history, pervasive attitudes about woman interested in baseball, her reasons for finally demanding the credit she deserves so late in life and her struggle for recognition after her husband’s death.

The short eBook reads more like a research paper than a memoir. But then, the author is after all first and foremost a historical researcher. First in the Field moves through her personal and professional history much as an encyclopedia entry might, chronologically from fact to fact, event to event. Readers will not find much in the way of literary language: Dorothy’s narrative is told without literary flourish or thematic subtlety.

Yet despite the stylistic simplicity, or perhaps because of its straightforwardness and lack of pretense, the story will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has experienced discrimination. And in recognition that one’s personal story is also political, Dorothy ties the personal injustices she faced to the widespread marginalization of women

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Workshop Invitation for You – No Excuses: 9 Ways to Boost Your Power in 2012

by Gloria Feldt on January 15th, 2012
in Equal pay, Gender, Heartfeldt Leadership Acvice, Inspiration, Leadership, No Excuses, Power Tools


I’m excited to invite you to a No Excuses: 9 Ways to Boost Your Power in 2012 workshop I’ll be offering in collaboration with Digitistas in New York on 1/31. The deets- are below–please click here to register. (Oh, and as a Friend of Gloria, if you use the code NoExcuses when you sign up, you’ll get a $10 discount in addition to a copy of the book and many practical tools to boost your power in your career and relationships.)

No Excuses: 9 Ways to Boost Your Power in 2012
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (ET)
Fenton Studios
630 9th Avenue
Suite 910
New York, NY

Workshop description:

Have you ever offered an idea in a meeting and no one acknowledged you, then ten minutes later a man said the same thing and people thought it was a great idea? Do you wonder why women are stuck at 18% of the top leadership positions across all sectors, earning $1million less than men over a career, despite being half the workplace and 54% of the voters?

Do you have big ambitions but aren’t sure how to achieve them? Learn practical tools from the woman People Magazine called “the voice of experience” for how you can embrace your power, enhance your leadership skills, and lead your dreams forward.

It’s a new year and a great time to get inspired while learning 9 Power Tools—practical bite-sized tips you’ll use to clarify your intentions and make an action plan that will enable you to reach your goals for work, civic life, or personal relationships. During the workshop, you will have a chance to give and get feedback on your application of the Power Tools to a goal or goals you will define, and you’ll leave energized for the year ahead.

Please note the ticket price for this class includes a copy of Gloria’s book No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power.

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Friday Round Up: The Revolution Must Be Funded Edition

by Gloria Feldt on November 11th, 2011
in 9 Ways Blog, Employ Every Medium, Equal pay, Leadership, No Excuses, Use What You've Got, Workplace

While there was plenty of political intrigue and sex scandal dominating the news this past

Courtney Martin

week, the most provocative article I read was Courtney Martin’s “’You Are the NOW of Now!’ The Future of (Online) Feminism.”

Courtney, a leading young feminist writer and an editor of Feministing.com, last year

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Friday Round Up: Inspiring Women and Taking Leadership NOW

by Gloria Feldt on September 16th, 2011
in Employ Every Medium, Equal pay, Gender, Heartfeldt Leadership Advice, Inspiration, Leadership, No Excuses, Politics, Power Tools, Workplace

Greetings from TucsonGreetings from Tucson, I couldn’t be more excited to be here today to keynote the 2011 Annual YWCA’s Women’s Leadership Conference on my favorite topic, No Excuses and doing a brief workshop on the 9 Ways Power tools with about 400 women.

I’m honored to be tag-teaming with the inspiring Shoshana Johnson, the first African American female prisoner of war (POW) of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Plus, we were Glamour Women of the Year honorees together in 2003! I can’t wait to hear what she has to say.

Thursday was a big day as I was getting ready for Tucson…

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Friday Round Up: ‘Good Guys’ No Longer Unusual Edition

by Gloria Feldt on August 12th, 2011
in 9 Ways Blog, Equal pay, Gender, Inspiration, Leadership, No Excuses, Politics, Workplace

NWPC Teray Stephens and Gloria FeldtPHOTO: NWPC CA President and National Vice President for Board Development Teray Stephens and I checking out the Good Guy Awards.

I had the honor of emceeing the National Women’s Political Caucus 40th anniversary convention Good Guys Gala July 30th in Washington DC.

The Caucus started giving “Good Guys” awards back in 1971 as a way of recognizing and encouraging the then-rare men who joined in efforts to get women elected and appointed to political positions. Later, the great feminist and late Congresswoman Bella Abzug (D-NY) created an award to memorialize her supportive spouse, Martin–the Martin Abzug Supportive Spouse Award. I’m proud to say that my husband Alex Barbanell received this award a decade ago. In his acceptance speech, he revealed that he is my chief cook, bottle washer, and sex slave…

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Seriously? Must a Woman Be Like a Man to Get Ahead?

by Gloria Feldt on July 12th, 2011
in 9 Ways Blog, Define Your Own Terms, Embrace Controversy, Employ Every Medium, Equal pay, Gender, Inspiration, Leadership, No Excuses, Workplace

Woman in FedoraThat question comes up every time I speak with women about their career aspirations.

A second question just as surely follows: if we can’t be authentically who we are, why would we want to “succeed” in male-dominated organizations or professions? Many women who leave the corporate world to stay home with children or enter entrepreneurial or nonprofit fields—or alternately, remain quietly in their jobs put only to find themselves doing the work but not getting the promotions—say they do so because they don’t want to become like men.

Yet all signs point to a potential breakthrough moment for women even as we debate the pros and cons of taking on male camouflage.

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She’s Doing It: Lisa Gates Coaches Women to Define Their Own Terms

by techsupport on June 28th, 2011
in 9 Ways Blog, Equal pay, Leadership

A few years into my first CEO job, I was given a great piece of advice by a man I met at a leadership workshop. “Ask for it by name,” he said. It’s a lesson I’m still trying to learn …

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[VIDEO] Equal Pay Dance — Watch, Join, and Enjoy!

by Gloria Feldt on June 28th, 2011
in 9 Ways Blog, Equal pay, Inspiration

You gotta watch it, and you won’t be able to resist getting out of your chair and joining the dance. I ran across this enticing video of Australian women doing an Equal Pay Dance while preparing my remarks for the She Negotiates Leadership Retreat coming up this Thursday. You bet, we’re going to do it there, though perhaps not in such lovely costumes :-) And a one, and a two…

YouTube Preview Image

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