She’s Doing It: LisaBeth Weber Pins Pack Message Wallop

by Gloria Feldt on September 26th, 2012
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LisaBeth Weber tells how we met in this guest post. So I’ll tell you she is a woman with a vision. A vision  that exemplifies No Excuses Power Tool # 8: Employ Every Medium.

And if a leader is someone who gets something done, then LisaBeth exemplifies leadership too. She uses the power of her artistry to make a difference for the causes she—and YOU—believe in. When you or I wear one of LisaBeth’s cause pins, we’re also using Power Tool # 6: Wear the Shirt –showing the world what we believe.

I’ll bet LisaBeth would love to know what you want on your pin, if she were to design one for you. So tell her in the comment section below.

How do I know Gloria?  Our paths were destined to cross, and they finally did back in 2004 at a campaign event in Pennsylvania.  Having defined a mission of making a difference in the world over 20 years ago, I’ve always channeled my core beliefs into my work. It seems inevitable that my creativity and mission would manifest into a line of handmade pins for causes that began with a pin about CHOICE.

As an artist and activist, I realized that an art-pin could be like a mini-billboard for people to ‘wear their heart on their lapel’, to spark conversation, and to effect change.

Over the years, I developed cause pins for politics and voting, peace and social justice, women’s rights, the environment, animal rescue, and more.  The pins found their way to many non-profit organizations that have utilized them for fundraising and awareness.

Eventually, my pins were seen on some notable lapels, including Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Madeleine Albright, and yes, Gloria Feldt!

The inspiration for the pin themes often comes from what is happening in the world.  In the case of the voting pins, it was about what wasn’t happening.  I began to see a heartbreaking trend where more people were voting for American Idol than for President of the United States.

Not one to sit still, I decided to create a line of voting pins, and honor women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul. And a not so well known woman, my mother; a 1970’s single mother and feminist who brought me into the voting booth as a young child, instilling the meaning and value of voting to me at an early age.

I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to do my part in carrying on the legacy of these amazing women and the suffragist movement, and not waver in reminding both men and women how important it is to vote.

During the 2004 campaign, I met many young people under the voting age who were effecting more change by getting out the vote than some people of voting age who refused to vote at all.  This was an amazing observation and only gave me more resolve to continue.

I created pins like, ‘Vote, Damn It!‘, ‘Think. Question. Vote.’ And ‘Vote. It Still Matters.’  Earlier that year, I created a pin for the March for Women’s Lives which led to meeting Lorraine Cole from The Black Women’s Health Imperative. Lorraine chose the Vote, Damn It! pin for their National Vote Campaign.  To this day, that pin elicits the strongest reaction from people, along with Think. Question. Vote. which teachers and others who need to be neutral at the work place can still wear proudly.

The diversity of my work reaches past pins and into varied areas of advocacy, marketing, and media, through being a performing songwriter, freelance writer, speaker, and working in film. This has allowed me to cross paths with many leaders who I respect and can learn from.

I look up to women like Gloria who walk the walk of empowerment, change, social justice, intelligence, and worth.  She is a force who helps women to look inside themselves and discover the value and self worth they so richly deserve.

I have immense gratitude for those who desire to lift us up and this has carried over to my close group of women friends who do this for each other on a regular basis, providing a powerful force for inspiring one another through the challenges of life.


New Hope, Pennsylvania artist, writer, musician, and creative biz consultant LisaBeth Weber is a modern Renaissance woman who makes a difference in the world through her work.

Known for her popular and unique handmade CAUSE PINS, LisaBeth is a creative business advocate and consultant who offers guidance, training, and speaking programs to help businesses see how important creativity is to building business.

She is currently working on a book about this topic. LisaBeth also serves on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Business Forum and is a cancer survivor.

LisaBeth’s pins are available wholesale and retail at  Custom pins are also available.  Pins are 1.5″ square on a wood backing, signed, and delivered on a colorful display card.

Gloria Feldt

Gloria Feldt is the author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power. Buy the book here. Engage Gloria for a Speech or Workshop. Tweet @GloriaFeldt and connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Gloria is the co-founder (with Amy Litzenberger) of Take the Lead, a new initiative to prepare and propel women to leadership parity by 2025. Find them @takeleadwomen and on Facebook.

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