Keli Goff: Out of the Closet and Wearing the Feminist Shirt

by Gloria Feldt on August 23rd, 2011
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You’ve probably seen author and commentator Keli Goff on MSNBC and elsewhere, read her opinions on TheLoop21 or Huffington Post, or perhaps have read her books Party Crashing (which I love) and the brand new one, The GQ Candidate (which I know I will love but haven’t read yet). I ran into Keli at the HBO screening of “Gloria: In Her Own Words”, the moving documentary about Gloria Steinem that’s been getting so much well-deserved play lately. After the screening, she wrote this eloquent commentary about her self-perceptions and the f-word, and then delivered it as her “rant” on Dylan Ratigan’s MSNBC show.

Watch, enjoy, applaud–and send Keli an e-mail telling her how much you liked what she had to say.

That’s No Excuses Power Tool #6: Wear the Shirt  :-)

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2 Responses to Keli Goff: Out of the Closet and Wearing the Feminist Shirt

  1. Aletha says:

    To me, it is perhaps the most telling indictment of mainstream media that it has managed to convince the majority of women that feminism has something to do with hating men. I could understand why most men might believe that, since men traditionally do not take kindly to criticism from women, but that women would believe such a counter-intuitive and blatantly manipulative lie speaks to the awesome power of the mainstream to turn reality on its head. But then, that is the modus operandi of mainstream media, to disempower and scare the people with such myths so the powers that be can carry on with their agenda, while the bamboozled sheep see no alternative but to go along to get along.

    It is hard to imagine how Ms. Goff could have made her point any clearer, but I do not think Dylan Ratigan got it. He reminded me of the argument that feminism advocates special rights for women.

  2. Gloria Feldt says:

    Aletha, you probably know the saying “First they ridicule you,then they try to kill you, then you win.” Using language to ridicule and diminish people who are shifting the power balance is always the first line of backlash against progress. The trick is not to let them get into our heads–which has happened all too much!

    No, Dylan totally didn’t get it and I wished that Keli had come back with a stronger response when he gave his lame defensive comment.

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